Fintech community is an enabling institution for the financial technology industry. We are committed to providing professional industry trends, recruitment information and resource docking for the better development of financial technology Industry.

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FinTech 社区是一个为金融科技行业赋能机构,我们致力于提供专业的行业动态,招聘信息与资源对接社群,帮助金融科技企业更好地发展。欢迎添加微信 fintech78 进入社区,请备注职业。

创始人 Lucy Luo

创始人 Lucy Luo 2013 年起从事金融科技/量化/对冲基金行业招聘咨询工作,曾在国际知名对冲基金公司 Akuna Capital 工作 4 年,独立搭建一支 50 人量化交易团队,2019 年创立 FinTech 社区,目前为止有 5 万+会员,合作70多家客户,提供招聘和投资培训服务。

Lucy Luo, founder of FinTech Community, was dedicated on recruitment and training in Fin-tech/Quantitative hedge fund industry from 2013. She has served world leading hedge fund Akuna Capital for 4 years and set up a high-frequent trading team with 50 employees by directly sourcing. Founded in 2019, FinTech Community has so far engaged 50,000+ members and cooperated with 70+ company clients in Fin-tech industries, providing recruitment service and investment training courses to individuals.